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For us all our horses are like family members and we do our best to keep them in perfect condition and green environment to make them happy. During the day, they are out in different paddocks and at night every horse has its own box. In the paddocks we keep them in smaller groups from 2 to 5 horses to prevent stress and injuries due to power struggle.

We have sport horses and we do endurance races. We keep them healthy and fit and everyday our horses do exercise in the horse walker or on the treadmill. The training schedule under a saddle is different for each horse and always individual.

One day in the morning, we came to the stable and we discovered our 2-years old beloved mare in her box in very bad condition. She was suffering very badly from colic that started at night. In the morning, she was totally exhausted and she almost died. Our vet came and stabilized her for transport with medication. When we arrived to the clinic she had to be immediately operated and then again the second time in the evening. Luckily, she survived because she is a great fighter. We all love her so much because she is such a beautiful and lovely mare and we do not like to even imagine that she nearly died that night because we were not around. Even if we live and work close to our stable, we always fear problems like colic, during the night, or when we are traveling for competitions.

After this event, I have started wondering what can we do to safe other horses in the future… and actually, it was the beginning of our solution EquiGuardian.

EquiGuardian acts as an early warning system it will inform me at the very first sign of equine danger like colic, EHV-1 or lameness. The contactless technology requires no sensor attached to my horse. EquiGuardian device is installed in the horse box and records my horse’s life parameters 24/7. In the dedicated EquiGuardian App I am able to check my horse’s heart rate, respiration and temperature distribution over the horse's body.  With live preview I can see the most up to date situation and I can also check back over historical data to see when the first symptoms appeared. Also my Vet has an access to the same data and he always has full knowledge of the situation. So now at night or when I go for the competition far away EquiGuardian provides me with peace of mind because I know that in the event of emergency situation, like equine colic, I will be informed about this and I can take an action to treat my horse immediately before the situation becomes an emergency!

EquiGuardian could have prevented my mare from suffering that night, but I am sure it is likely to save the life of many horses in the future.

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