Green Meadow Technologies LTD was founded in response to the everyday problems
faced by veterinarians, horse owners, trainers and breeders on a daily basis.
Our company is located in the United Kingdom at the heart of old equestrian traditions.

We are a truly global team of vets, scientists, entrepreneurs and equine lovers.
Innovation, and a passion for equestrianism, has united us to create a novel solution
which we believe is likely to save the lives of many horses.

Meet the Team

Agnieszka Mnich-Kujawa

Agnieszka Mnich-Kujawa


Responsible for the consolidation of all activities related to the EquiGuardian project. She is passionate about horses and science. She dealt with the organization of the FEI European Endurance Championship in Euston Park in England and Royal Windsor Horse Show. She has also practical experience of following up new business opportunities, responsible for business relationship and marketing in technology companies. Graduated from University of Silesia and Elite College in London where she gained a degree in Business English Philology.

She loves equine sports, new tech, travelling, diving and spending time with her family.

Jacek Lach, PhD


The Technical Architect of the EquiGuardian System. He obtained his MSc degree in Computer Science where he also researched his PhD, focusing on network security studying cryptography. His extensive experience in creating Linux dedicated embedded systems solutions is supported by years of practical experience in implementing a number of important projects on a market. For instance, he conducted research on the application of UWB radars in the diagnosis of living organisms.

He likes spending free time with his family.

Jacek Lach

Juliette Mallison

Dr. Vet. Med. Juliette Mallison, MA. Vet. MB, MRCVS

Chief Veterinarian Advisor

Chief Veterinary Advisor of the EquiGuardian system. Has 50 years of experience in endurance competitions as a national (German) and international (FEI) veterinarian, judge TD, steward and ride organiser. She studied Veterinary Medicine and Biochemistry at Cambridge University (Girton College) and she did her doctorate at the Veterinary school in Giessen in Germany. She is also a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS). Rider since the age of 5. She owned a general horse practice in Göttingen for 25 years. President of the German Endurance Riding and Driving Society (VDD) from 1995-2011. Still very active regarding equestrian sport and the health of sport horses.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend and team member Dr Juliette Mallison. She finished the race on the 9th of October 2022. “You are always loved and never forgotten. May your soul rest in peace!”

Dr. Vet. Med Piotr Szpotański

Chief Veterinarian

Chief Veterinarian of the EquiGuardian project responsible for the injection of the veterinarian knowledge. He is Federation Equestre Internationale 4 Stars Event (FEI 4*) Vet and the Polish Equine Federation Vet. Owner of a Veterinary clinic in Poland. He was appointed to the veterinary committee on World Endurance Championship in UAE, in Bahrain and in Euston Park, UK. He was also the Polish Junior Champion in Eventing Competition.

Dr. Vet. Med Piotr Szpotański

Belinda Hitzler

Belinda Hitzler

Sales Executive

Responsible for Sales and Customers Relationship in EquiGuardian project. A horse trainer, rider, breeder and an entrepreneur, with 25 years of experience in Equine Industry. Since 2000 member of the German National Endurance Team. She developed a worldwide unique high-altitude center for horses and special high-end horse food supplements.

Horses and riding are her passion and hobby but also she loves reading books, travelling with her family and hiking.

Marcelina Mrógała, M.Sc.

Technical and veterinary side implementation specialist

Animal lover and a specialist in the field of electronics design, signal processing and firmware. Experienced with digital embedded systems design and high performance computing. Has extensive knowledge in designing and making prototypes of wireless biometric sensors but also about the functioning of living organisms. She loves to spend time in nature on long walks or hikes.

Marcelina Mrógała

Sheikh Shaukat Dungarwalla

Sheikh Shaukat Dungarwalla

British Market Advisor

Business Advisor in the EquiGuardian Project. Entrepreneur with big ideas and extensive experience in senior management in the UK market. In 1975 he co-founded Graphico – the London leading printing company. Having been in business for 44 years always ahead of a business game and business model. He epitomises good, responsible, and accountable business. In 2018 has been awarded Freedom of London City.

Pferdeklinik in Parsdorf

The EquiGuardian System is being developed under the supervision of The Horse Clinic in Parsdorf – one of the most powerful clinic in Munich.

Pferdeklinik in Parsdorf - logo

How it all started

My family and I are horse owners for more than 30 years. We are breeding horses and also training them for high level sport. All horses in our stable are like family members for us, even the horses we keep in training for different owners. The worst experience we had so far was when we came in the stable one morning and my beloved 2-year-old mare was suffering dramatically as she had a very bad colic during the night. She had to be operated in the clinic 2 times and almost died. Fortunately, she survived and now she is a wonderful mare, running very successfully in sport with me. I wish I had had the EquiGuardian system in place at that time. It would have meant no worrying drama for me... And it would have meant no prolonged suffering for my horse... I cannot even imagine if I lost her and I do not want to imagine having this experience again. It was actually the moment when the idea of creating the EquiGuardian system was born.

I am confident that EquiGuardian
has the potential to save the life of many horses.

Belinda Hitzler
Horse Trainer, Professional Rider, Breeder

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R&D Branch

R&D Branch

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Agnieszka Mnich-Kujawa

Agnieszka Mnich-Kujawa
Managing Director
Phone: 0048 535 941 822

Belinda Hitzler

Belinda Hitzler
Sales Executive
Phone: 0049 1713 661 394

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